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Ladies Cashmere Scarf Available In The UK

Whether you live in the UK, the US or another part of the world, you can now invest in your very own luxurious cashmere scarf from one of the best designers in the industry; Victoria Ragna. Victoria is proud to present this range of beautifully made ladies cashmere scarves. Our cashmere is dyed and woven in Scotland using a Jacquard technique to ensure amazing quality. After weaving, the fabric is then cut and finished to become our soft and warm cashmere scarves that you see here on this page. Take some time to browse through our collection and click into each individual scarf to get additional info on length and the colours available.  + Read More

What Is Cashmere?

Cashmere is a natural fabric that is traditionally made from the fine soft hair from the neck and under belly of a cashmere goat’s fleece, hence the name cashmere. Often incorrectly classified as wool, it is actually goat’s hair and there’s a big difference between the two when it comes to properties including softness and warmth.

Properties of Cashmere

The limited availability of the goat hair that is used to make cashmere material is what has kept this wonderful fabric in the exclusive category, and is the reason why it is priced a little higher than other natural and synthetic fibers.  

Its properties, however, are where the real value of cashmere lies. It is stronger, lighter, finer and softer than wool and offers three times more insulation than sheep’s wool. Cashmere is also known for maintaining its form and shape for a good number of years, making a ladies cashmere scarf one of the best additions you can make to your wardrobe. 

How To Care For Cashmere

To keep your new designer cashmere scarf looking its very best, we recommend that you;

  • Store your scarf untied in a drawer or closet
  • Make sure it’s clean and dry before putting it away
  • Avoid contact with heat sources
  • Ensure that accessories are not touching the fabric
  • Avoid contact with rain and harsh chemicals
  • Entrust it to a specialised professional for cleaning

This will ensure that your womens cashmere scarf stays in premium shape for years to come.

We’re Proud to Present an Amazing Collection of Ladies Cashmere Scarves

Are you looking for a ladies cashmere scarf for delivery in the UK? No problem! We offer free standard delivery in the UK and you will have your order in 3-5 working days. Perhaps you love our collection but you’d like to see and feel our scarves for yourself before making a purchase? If so, we’ve got stockists in London so find your nearest store and pop into see our collection.

Our customer care personnel are on hand to help you with any queries or concerns you may have. You can contact us on, or our sales department at - Read Less