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About Victoria Ragna

Our luxury silk scarves are made from the finest wool, silk and cashmere materials. Each print is developed through a very thoughtful and personal creative process and the outcome is a unique print on the highest quality scarves. Read More

Designer Women's Scarves In The UK

Victoria Ragna is an online luxury scarf boutique like no other in the United Kingdom. Unlike some of the other women’s scarves in the UK, the beauty of the design and the quality of the materials we use are the two things that we never compromise on. Nothing is more important than making sure all our designer women’s scarves are top-quality.

Our luxury silk scarves are made from only the finest wool, silk and cashmere materials. Each and every print used on our designer women’s scarves UK are developed through a very thoughtful and personal creative process. The outcome of our unique process is an equally unique print that we place on the highest quality scarves.

Victoria Ragna’s Designer Scarves for Women

Victoria Ragna Limited started with one woman’s dream. Victoria is a proud Brazilian and Norwegian designer. When she moved to London, she began creating prints and patterns inspired by her Norwegian heritage and background. Victoria’s very first inspiration came from Norwegian motifs called rosemalings. The prints and patterns that Victoria designed gave her the idea to start a designer scarves women’s UK collection.

Victoria herself says, “I have always wanted to create beautiful things, and to design different patterns. To see them become prints on fabrics is a lifelong dream come true.

Together, Victoria and her husband gave life to Victoria Ragna Limited. This gave them the opportunity to showcase their unique Norwegian inspired prints in the form of luxury scarves. Only the very finest wools are used to make our top quality luxury wool scarves. Furthermore, every print and design has been created through a long and thoughtful creative process, making each scarf that much more special.

Designer Scarves - Women’s UK Collection

We use the best class fabrics and beautiful designs to create an on-trend product for the women’s scarves UK market. After years of designing, we’re proud to bring you five incredibly beautiful designer collections.

The Saga Collection is all about stories yet to be told. The word saga is Norse for a great tale of heroic achievements, but it’s also the name of Victoria’s grandfather’s sailing boat. This stunning collection borrows designs from undulating waves and sun-bleached sails. We place bold designs that incorporate primary colours and foggy grey onto crisp silk and lightweight wool in this much-loved collection.

Our Maritime Collection inspired by a rich family heritage of sailing. The designs in this collection are fresh but timeless. Nautical motifs and signalling flags feature in bright primary colours for a modern interpretation of time-honoured seafaring codes.

Azulejo tiles inspired our SS19 collection, which in turn lead to the creation of some of our most colourful scarves to date. This collection will have you immersed in summer wanderlust and transport you to Italy, Mexico and Greece where you’ll find the sun-drenched exteriors that inspired the colours in this collection.

The Resort Collection is inspired by Brazil's stunning landscape of rain forests, beaches, and the exotic creatures which live in them. This is by far our most personal scarf collection as every print has been carefully dreamed up and hand-drawn.

Imagine the shifting lights and dramatic mountain scapes of Norway. This rich heritage is what inspired our opening Debut scarf collection. This collection sees modern interpretations of traditional ‘Rosemaling’ designs brought to life with bold colours such as bright gold and deep blue, which give this collection a contemporary twist.

Buy Designer Women’s Scarves in the UK

We can confidently say that there are no other designer women’s scarves in the UK quite like those at Victoria Ragna. Our women’s scarf collections are perfect for the woman who sees the beauty in both suburban life and exploring the wider world. These scarves are the ideal accessory for any attire and any occasion. Whether you’re attending a corporate meeting, going to dinner with friends or travelling to lands yet to be discovered, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect scarf for every occasion when you shop our designer scarves women’s UK range.

When you purchase a designer women’s scarf from Victoria Ragna, it’ll do more than just keep you warm. Our scarves offer many styling capabilities because of our generous sizing that runs a little bit bigger, meaning our scarves are more versatile and modern than others you might have owned. This allows you to wear your scarf in a variety of ways to suit any occasion and show off your own unique style.

Why do you Need a Women’s Designer Scarf?

From a brand that started out as a Master’s Program project, Victoria Ragna has come a long way. Victoria has always had a passion for design and fashion. Designing women’s scarves was the perfect place to merge both of these interests.

No one offers such exquisite scarves with a timeless yet unique design that you’ll want to wear for years to come. When you treat yourself to one of the scarves in our designer scarves women’s UK collection, you can rest assured that you’ll never run into another person wearing a scarf quite like yours. Our women’s scarves are quite literally one-of-a-kind.

Treat Yourself to a Women’s Luxury Scarf

There’s never been a better time to treat yourself to a women’s designer scarf. Not only do our women’s scarves serve the purpose of keeping you warm because they’re made from the highest quality merino wool, silk, and cashmere, but they’re also the perfect fashion accessory for any occasion. Due to our generous sizing, there are numerous ways you could style up any outfit with a Victoria Ragna scarf.

Why not share the gift of timeless design and top-quality materials with a loved one? Our merino wool scarves make the perfect gift for women who love nothing more than looking and feeling good. These scarves are a unique gift, and you can guarantee they’ll never have had anything like it.

Make the most of our next day delivery and treat yourself or a loved one to the only scarf that incorporates thoughtful design with high-quality materials. Shop all five of our women’s scarf collections today to find the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

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