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Best Designer Scarves

Are you looking for a designer scarf? If so, you have come to the right place. At Victoria Ragna, we sell a wide range of the best designer scarves in different colours, designs and fabrics. Various colours and designs - Our scarf ranges vary from soft and subtle colours to bright and bold designs that will make you stand out from the crowd. + Read More

Various fabric types - We always deal in luxury fabrics such as 100% merino wool, cashmere, and silk because these fabrics are known for their strength, durability, soft and luxurious feel and their insulating capabilities which will keep you nice and warm all winter and nice and cool during the summer.

Beautiful designs - Each and every scarf in our collection has a unique pattern that is inspired by Victoria’s heritage. These bright scarves with fine hand-dyed designs are sure to add plenty of versatility to your wardrobe.

From the best suppliers & manufacturers - Victoria Ragna is a sought-after designer brand because we only use the finest quality products in our collections.

  • For our luxury wool scarves, we sourced raw materials directly from Australia where the most reputable suppliers in the world work hard at harvesting the finest merino and cashmere fibres. These fibres are then sent to Scotland where they are dyed and woven using a jacquard technique which helps bring out the unique patterns and colours. 

  • We obtain the raw materials for our luxury silk scarves from the finest silk worm farms in China and send these fibres to Italy for dyeing and weaving. When you shop from Victoria Ragna you will receive nothing but the best.

A Designer Scarf For Your Every Need

Our luxury scarves are incredibly popular because they are so beautiful and functional.

Fashion - Our scarves are the best fashion accessories because they can be worn in so many different ways and the bold and beautiful designs of our scarves are sure to take an outfit up a couple of levels on the style meter. 

Functionality - Scarves are considered the best accessories to have at hand because you can do so much with them. You can wear your scarf to stay warm, cool down, to shield your body from the sun, to cover your hair or face, or to cover revealing clothing such as a swimsuit. There is no end to the uses of a beautiful scarf.

Stay warm or cool - Our wool scarves are specially designed to help you stay warm during winter or cool during summer thanks to the insulating and moisture wicking properties of these fabrics. 

A unique look - A beautiful scarf can make you stand out from the crowd and will enable you to transform an ordinary outfit into an extraordinary one with little effort.

Have you been wondering where to find the best designer scarves in the UK?

That’s a silly question on our behalf, and we’re sorry we even asked it! Why would you want anything other than the best designer scarves? At Victoria Ragna, we aim to deliver just that, and nothing but the best products are good enough, and so we wouldn’t ever provide you with anything less. Our company started out as a hobby, a creative outlet for Victoria to take designs that she had come up with, thanks to her Brazilian and Norwegian heritage, from the page and make them into an actual product.

Since then, the Victoria Ragna empire has grown and grown, going from strength to strength, We are sure you’ll agree with us, once you try our scarves for yourself, that there really is no better scarf available on the market.

Do we have any particular favourite scarves?

We do love all of our products. Of course we do, and we’d never want anyone to think otherwise, for even a fraction of a second. But do we have favourites? Of course, we do! We’d be lying if we said that we didn’t. However, it would be wrong of us not to let you in on the scarves that are our best-kept secrets. The ones that are our favourites include:

· Our Snøklokka scarf - Literally translating to ‘snowdrop’ our favourite scarf here at Victoria Ragna is inspired by the snowdrop flowers that adorn the Nordic mountains as winter transitions into spring. It is made right here in the UK, from 100% merino wool, and comes in s gorgeous light pink colour, the perfect accent to the delicate snowdrop pattern.

How soon can I get my scarf after I order it?

We know that you’re excited to get your scarf as soon as possible. Believe us; we are just as excited for you to get your scarf as you are. That’s why we aim to dispatch your scarf as soon as possible after you place your order. We offer delivery worldwide, which means that our delivery areas not only cover the UK and the Republic of Ireland but also Europe and the rest of the world.

If you’re in the UK, we offer two types of shipping, with two different shipping speeds. Our standard shipping is 48 hour tracked shipping, which we are able to offer free of charge. Our express shipping option comes at an additional charge of £3 and is a tracked and signed for service that aims to have your scarf with you in 24 hours of its dispatch from our warehouse.

Internationally, the cost of our shipping varies by location. We offer standard delivery completely free of charge for orders which are going to be delivered in the EU. This is our standard shipping service, which aims to have your scarf with you in 3 to 5 business days following its dispatch from us.

For orders which are being delivered to the rest of the world, so that we can get the best designer scarves – yes, we are that confident in our product that we are sure you’ll want an entire wardrobe full - to you in a short timeframe, aka the same 3 to 5 business day shipping as every other order, we offer £20 shipping.

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With Victoria Ragna, there is no need for you to travel or search tirelessly through numerous stores to find the best designer scarf because we sell the best of the best right here on our site and you are 100% guaranteed to receive value for money when you shop with us.

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