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Luxury Scarves UK

Looking for a luxury scarf? Well, you are in for quite a treat because at Victoria Ragna we sell a wide range of the finest luxury scarves that are available in the UK. Our scarves are highly sought after and extremely popular for all the following reasons; + Read More

Highly durable – Our scarves are made of the finest 100% merino and cashmere wools and of the finest quality silk fabrics. If you take good care of your scarf, it will last you a lifetime.

Beautiful designer scarves - Our designer silk scarves are available in a wide range of colours, sizes, and unique designs. Here you will find the most beautiful scarves to add to your wardrobe collection.

Fine quality - We source our raw materials from the highest reputable suppliers.

  • The raw materials for our wool scarves are obtained from reputable sources in Australia and the raw materials for our silk scarves are obtained from well-known silk worm farms in China.
  • Our scarves are also dyed and woven by the best fabric manufacturers in the world.
  • Our cashmere and merino scarves are produced in Scotland where they are dyed and woven using the jacquard technique and our silk scarves are woven and dyed in a factory near Lake Corno in Italy. 

A Wide Range Of Luxury Scarves Online To Choose From

Victoria Ragna makes it much easier for you to add amazing quality accessories to your wardrobe. You can shop our current collections or ranges directly from our website and get your favourite items delivered to your doorstep. We do advise you to keep an eye on our website so you can snatch up the latest and most beautiful scarves before they are sold out.

Different scarf types - Each Victoria Ragna scarf is completely unique in design, style and type. We sell different types such as merino scarves, cashmere scarves, and silk scarves. Our scarf types also range from small to big scarves and differ from light summer fabrics to thick and soft winter wool fabrics.

Different colours - We have a wide range of scarf colours and designs to choose from. The designs and prints of our scarves were inspired by Victoria’s heritage and are absolutely stunning to look at. Any of our bright and beautiful scarves will give you plenty of styling functionality.

Scarves for all purposes - Our luxurious ladies scarves are practical for all different types of uses. You can use them to keep warm, enjoy them as a cover-up on a summer holiday, protect yourself from the sun or simply wear your scarf as a beautiful fashion accessory. With a beautiful designer scarf in your collection you can fully transform any outfit with ease.

Are you looking for luxury scarves in the UK?

We all love the more luxe things in life. It’s not a big secret. That’s why you’ve found yourself looking for luxury scarves in the UK and why you’ve ended up here. It’s not a coincidence; we prefer to think of it as fate. In the UK, luxury scarves are not as common as you’d expect them to be in places such as Paris, Milan, or New York, but that is a good thing. Why? Because it means that you’re far less likely to have to deal with the fashion faux pas of turning up to brunch finding out that you’ve accessorised exactly the same way as someone else. Victoria Ragna are here to ensure that such an occurrence is never something that you need to worry about.

Who are Victoria Ragna?

Victoria Ragna are a luxury scarf brand based out of London in the United Kingdom. We pull on a wide range of influences, but most of our designs are based off of our namesake’s – Victoria’s – Brazilian heritage, and her childhood experiences growing up in Norway. We are a brand who came to be as the joint venture of a husband and wife team

As a luxury scarf brand, our aim is to make unique, high quality, limited edition pieces that will see you from winter through to autumn and back again with no risk of anyone having the same piece as you.

How should you take care of your luxury scarf?

Given the unpredictable nature of the weather in the UK, luxury scarves might seem like a daunting item to take care of. That’s why we’re here to advise you how best to take care of your scarf or scarves, and to show you firsthand that it is not the mountainous task that you’re probably thinking that it is.

To keep your scarf in the best condition possible, we recommend that you store your scarf when it is not tied. This helps avoid any permanent disfigurement to the fabrics. In addition to this, given that you want to keep your scarf in pristine condition, so that every time looks like the first time you’ve worn it, we also recommend storing your scarf away from – that means not touching – any other accessories. Quite simply, this preserves the integrity of the fabrics. We also recommend that you avoid getting your scarves wet or having them come into contact with harsh chemicals. As far as cleaning is concerned, our advice is that you should take your scarves to a specialised professional when you would like them cleaned although some can be hand washed too. (Always remember to check the label).

We understand that choosing the right scarf can be hard and that you may have questions about your order even after that decision has been made. That’s why we’re able to offer you support right the way from ‘checkout’ to the time that your order is delivered at your door? How? Our fabulous sales team, who can be reached via e-mail at, and will always aim to get back to you and answer your concerns and queries as quickly as possible.

Buy Luxury Scarves Online

If you’ve always wanted to get your hands on amazing quality luxury scarves and shawls, you will love Victoria Ragna’s collections. All of our pieces are available online and you are 100% guaranteed to receive a fine quality designer’s item when you shop from our reputable business. 

If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to contact our offices directly. - Read Less