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Designer Silk Scarves UK

If you are looking for designer silk scarves online, you will be spoiled for choice. There are a lot of options out there and you will be sure to find something that you adore. We hope that our range offers you some exciting and breathtaking options. + Read More

Still wondering whether or not designer silk scarves are right for you? Here is an exploration of what a stunning silk scarf can do for you and why the range from Victoria Ragna can tick all of your boxes.

Wear A Designer Silk Scarf For A Touch of Class

Silk has long been held as a symbol of luxury and high fashion. It is little wonder given how beautiful and adaptable silk is as a material. It can flow and match the contours of any shape, helping to play with light and add a delightful accent to any outfit.

Aside from the unique aesthetics, silk also has a range of practical purposes. Of course, silk can take the chill off a cold wind, and the softness of the material is gentle against your skin. This means that silk will not irritate the skin, unlike some other materials which have a tendency to do so.

Silk is also simple to clean and does not hold dust or other such materials. This makes it a fresh and clean option that is perfectly suited to those people who suffer from allergies and hay fever.

Why Shop For Designer Silk Scarves with Victoria Ragna

Now that we have gone over some of the key benefits of a luxury silk scarf let’s take a closer look at some of the reasons you might want to shop with Victoria Ragna.

Stunning Designs

Hailing from both Brazil and Norway, Victoria Ragna has a unique background. Coming from different continents, these two countries are quite different in many ways and certainly in terms of culture. Victoria calls upon her experiences to put two things together and create something entirely new, with fresh designs delighting people across the UK.

There are a wide range of designs on offer, giving people the opportunity to express themselves with a truly stunning silk scarf that can become a real staple in their wardrobe for many years to come. From geometric patterns to luscious full colours, there is a lot on offer here.

Our UK Designer Silk Scarves are made from Quality Materials

The materials used in our products are sustainable and of the highest possible quality. This means that our customers can look forward to wearing their new silk scarf for many years to come and why Victoria Ragna creates the best designer scarves.

International Delivery on our Designer Silk Scarves

We are proud to offer our products throughout the UK and beyond, offering tracked delivery to both Europe and the rest of the world. Wherever you are, you can enjoy our silk scarves.

Browse Our Designer Silk Scarf Collection Today

Take some time to browse our collection of silk scarves online today. You will find a range of different designs on offer as well as key information about each of them. If you have any questions at all about anything in our collection, be sure to get in touch with us. It will be our pleasure to provide you with the information that you need.

High-Quality Designer Silk Scarves From The UK

There are many places to shop for designer silk scarves in the UK, but nowhere else offers the same high-quality and classic designs as Victoria Ragna. No matter what your taste is, we know that we will have the perfect scarf for you, from our stunning white and blue Greece and Portugal designs to our jungle green Mini Amazonia print.

A silk scarf is a delicate and classy item, so it is important that you look after it well to maintain its appearance. Here are some of our top tips as to what you should, and more importantly, should not do with your Victoria Ragna scarf.

What You Should And Should Not Do With Your Designer Silk Scarf

 If you have not owned a silk scarf before, it is vital to know what you should and should not do with it. After all, you do not want to purchase and wear your favourite scarf only to find that you have done something with it that you shouldn’t have and ruined it! Here are some of our top tips below that you need to follow.

  • You Should Always Store Your Scarf Properly - With a silk scarf, it is important to store it correctly in order to to keep it looking in its best condition. Silk requires air and it is best to keep it in a dry, dark place. Try to store it in a closed drawer with lots of breathing space for the best results.
  • You Should Always Check The Label - Silk items are very delicate and not washing them properly can cause them to become damaged. When you get your silk scarf. or any silk items, always make sure you check the label on how to wash it properly. Some will be okay to wash by hand as long as you are very careful while others will only be suitable to take to the dry cleaners.
  • You Should Not Put Your Silk Scarf Near Water - Did you know that water marks can stain silk items? If this happens to your silk square scarf, you can try and remove wrinkles by gently pressing the item whilst still damp. The iron should only be on a very low setting and ever use steam as this can leave behind even more water marks.

How To Contact The Victoria Ragna Team

If you have a question about our range of designer silk scarves, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team today for more information. Over on our contact page, you will find our email address where you can send any queries that you have, and we will be back in touch with you as quickly as possible.

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