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Merino Wool Scarves For Sale In The UK

A merino wool scarf is an absolute must for your winter wardrobe. Merino wool comes from the merino sheep, one of the most historically relevant breeds of sheep in the world. Originating from Spain, merino sheep are now bred in various parts of the world. To this very day, merino wool is considered one of the softest and most luxurious wools and fabrics in the world. + Read More

At Victoria Ragna, we sell 100% merino wool scarves that are hand-made in Scotland. These Australian merino wool scarves are available in a beautiful array of colours, designs, and sizes and are the perfect fashion accessory to keep you nice and snug throughout winter.

The Science Behind Merino Wool

To understand why you absolutely need to choose this type of luxury wool scarf for winter you need to first understand the science behind merino wool. This wool isn’t just sought after because it is so soft and snug. Merino wool is so popular because of the following natural characteristics;

A breathable fabric - Merino wool garments are very breathable due to the natural ability of the fibres to transport moisture from higher humidity areas to lower humidity areas. Basically, merino wool transports vapours created by your body as you heat up outwards to dryer environments where it dries off. This natural characteristic of the fibre keeps your skin nice and dry. In fact, the fabric can retain as much as 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling wet.

Natural cooling and heating - As the wool transports moisture and heat outwards to a dryer or cooler environment it naturally cools down the fabric, leaving you feeling nice and cool despite it being warm outside. Wool also naturally crimps in cold temperature more than any other type of fibre, which prevents heat from escaping your body when it is chilly outside. This characteristic naturally has an insulating effect and keeps you nice and warm.

Vapour wicking ability - All fabrics wick moisture by moving liquid through the fabric, but only merino wool has the ability to wick liquid in its vapour form. Moisture from your body is moved away through the fabric before it has time to turn to sweat and dampen your clothes, keeping you nice and dry so you won’t catch a chill.

Odour resistant - The moisture managing capabilities of merino wool also assists in reducing bad odours in your clothing, which means that your scarves will smell fresh.

Itch-free - People who are sensitive to fabrics and itch easily will love a merino scarf because the diameter of the wool’s fibre is much smaller and more flexible and bends easily when pressed to your skin. This gives merino wool its soft and smooth feel.

Buy Our Merino Scarves Online

One of the best reasons to get a merino scarf right now is, of course, that our ranges are so beautiful. We offer a wide variety of fine quality merino scarves in the most beautiful colours and in the most fashionable designs. Any one of our pieces is perfect for creating a very bold and luxurious wardrobe, we aim to only produce the best designer scarves possible.

You can shop our high-quality merino scarves right here from our website and get them delivered to your doorstep. Our beautiful scarves are perfect for keeping you warm, are a great accessory to help style your look during winter or summer and a merino scarf is one of the most best gifts you can possibly give to a special lady in your life. - Read Less