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I’ve decided to create this space in order to share with you a little more about the Victoria Ragna brand and a little more about myself. Especially now, during these uncertain times, I think it will be a nice way to keep in touch with friends through this period of social distancing, making us virtually connect. 
I think that people that discovers and relates to my brand, or any other brand for that matter, wants to find out more about who is behind it and may want to understand the design process behind each print, and wants to hear a story. 
The creation of this space was a very thoughtful decision, since I am not the type of person that likes too much attention. I love to think that each print that I design tell their own story. However, I would love to be able to tell my story and start a new journey together with you, and hopefully you will enjoy reading about it, just as much as I will enjoy telling it.

Three years ago when the idea behind the Victoria Ragna brand started to develop, I remember I was very nervous. I’m not a very impulsive person, and the idea of getting my designs out there, on a website for everyone to see, scared me. I like to take my time to get used to ideas. My husband was the motivation to get things running and to dream this crazy little dream with me. He embarked in it with me and told me that we had something special to share. 

I decided I wanted to tell my story through each print and each collection, which is the reason why every collection becomes so special and personal. I draw inspiration from my childhood memories, as in stories I’ve heard throughout my life, my family and my Norwegian and Brazilian backgrounds, as well as from my life as a mother, as a wife who partnered with her husband and the new memories we are making. 

Which brings me to tell you a little bit more about my first collection which came to me from a very specific and interesting Norwegian motif, called rosemaling, that I’ve always seen around door frames, fireplaces and bunads (a traditional folk Norwegian costume) and I’ve always found so intricate and delicate that inspired me to create my own version of the traditional design. 

The first collection opened up many possibilities for me to explore new inspiration and led me to my second collection inspired by colours and patterns from my Brazilian heritage. I found it so much fun to be able to show such different and distinct cultures, which I’ve always been so in touch with, and have that take shape of a print in a silk fabric or woven into a merino wool or cashmere jacquard. From my second collection onwards I felt excited and confident enough to explore beyond the traditions from both countries. I love to use different elements and colours to express my point-of-view and am genuinely so grateful that many want to own and wear my designs. 


’m very excited to have the opportunity to share this and many other stories with you, and thankful for everyone who supports this dream. 

Victoria Ragna