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Best Luxury Scarf Brands

If you are researching the best luxury scarf brands, there are a few criteria that you will want to fulfil. You will want to ensure, for example, that the brand offers only quality silk that is 100% genuine and capable of giving you the full range of benefits that the material can bring. You will also want to make sure that you love the designs that are on offer too, given that this will help you to stand out from the crowd. You will also want to shop with a trusted and genuine brand that reflects your personality. + Read More

Here is a closer look at why Victoria Ragna can tick all of those boxes and help you to find a silk scarf that you will love for many years to come.

A Luxury Scarf Brand that Uses 100% Silk

All of our designer silk scarves are made from 100% silk, an essential component to any luxury scarf brand, ensuring that you get all of the benefits from the material.

This means that you can look forward to owning a silk scarf that looks absolutely beautiful and adds a touch of class to any outfit. The scarf can be worn in a range of ways to create flowing shapes and a touch of class, helping you to demonstrate your love of fashion.

The silk is also luxurious from a practical perspective. You will find, for example, that it is capable of shielding you from the wind while also being soft to the touch. This means that you can care for your skin while on the move and avoid using alternative materials that could irritate your skin.

A Beautiful Collection

Victoria Ragna has an interesting background, hailing from both Brazil and Norway. These two cultures are very distinct and in many ways, the countries themselves are almost opposites! Victoria plays with this binary opposition to create designs that are really intriguing and make a statement.

Shoppers will find that there are a huge range of beautiful designs on offer, ranging from geometric shapes and interesting lines to unique textures and bold colours that help to fit with any outfit. If you are looking for a silk square scarf that brings together quality and form, you will want to shop with Victoria Ragna.

A Luxury Scarf Brand That Has Great Customer Care

We are very proud of our customer-centred approach. Your experience is the most important thing to us, so we work around the clock to ensure that you have the very best time possible. This means that we provide detailed information on all of our products and make ourselves available to answer any questions that you might have.

We have a returns and exchange policy that you can explore in more depth, helping you to enjoy a flexible experience that fits with your needs. The same applies to our delivery policy, helping you to get your product wherever you are located in the world. You can rest assured that you are making your purchase from a caring and open brand.

How Does Victoria Ragna Fare Versus Other Luxury Scarf Brands?

Victoria Ragna hasn’t come to the luxury scarf market simply to make up the numbers. The design, quality of materials and fabrics, style, versatility and long-lasting nature of each and every one of our scarves ensures we can compete with some of the best luxury scarf brands in the world.

We position ourselves alongside known scarf brands such as Burberry, Hermes and Acne Studios, standing among the crème de la crème with only one key difference – our world-class scarves are far more affordable. A quality scarf is a “statement piece” that belongs in every woman’s wardrobe. Victoria Ragna ensures that is a feasible option for every woman by providing scarves with a unique blend of luxury and affordability.

Our customers don’t just sample our designer silk scarves; they fall in love with it. Testimonials reveal that customers find themselves turning their back on their previous scarf brands and becoming obsessed with the quality of our products. The affordable pricing ensures that they can build a collection of Victoria Ragna scarves in different colours, styles and patterns too. Once you’ve discovered Victoria Ragna, you’ll find yourself committed to just one scarf brand for life.

Explore Our Luxury Scarf Collections

There’s something for everyone among our collections of luxury scarves – all of which are available to purchase online. We currently offer four luxury scarf collections, which are ever growing:

Azulejos Collection

Our Azulejos collection mirrors the beautiful ceramic Azulejos tilework patterns originating in Portugal, a classic style of design recognised worldwide. Our collection brings Azulejos designs not only inspired by their originating country Portugal but those with influences and inspiration from other countries famous for adopting Azulejos patterns such as Mexico, Greece and Italy. Choose from original and mini versions of each patterned scarf – a great choice for those wishing to embrace their heritage.

Debut Collection

Our Debut collection features quite the varied array of styles and patterns. However, each scarf has its own back story, with its designs and pattern influenced by a particular scenario or a country and something synonymous with that country. Our extra-large BRA silk square scarf, for example, shows off the colours of the Brazilian national flag while also paying homage to the country’s beautiful beach culture.

Some scarves in this collection, however, depict scenes recognised across the world such as our Høstløv scarf, whose design is inspired by the change in the seasons from late summer into misty Autumn.

Resort Collection

Introduce the stunning colours and atmosphere of some of the world’s best-loved beach and nature resorts into your wardrobe with our Resort collection. Featuring extra-large square scarves, mini scarves and twill scarves, you can add a unique splash of colour to any outfit. A customer favourite from this collection is the Azara Azul, which draws inspiration from Brazil’s native Blue Macaw, a truly unique phenomenon whose distinctive blue colours are a rare feature in nature.

Cashmere Collection

When it comes to quality materials, Cashmere truly is the leader of the pack. A Cashmere scarf is an item of true luxury and class and something which many women long to own. Our Cashmere collection ensures that owning a luxury cashmere scarf is an affordable, feasible option for all.

Our cashmere is dyed and woven in Scotland using a Jacquard technique to ensure the best quality possible. After weaving, the fabric is then cut and finished to style our soft and warm collection of cashmere scarves in a range of colours.

Shop Victoria Ragna Luxury Scarves Online

Every scarf, in every collection, is available for purchase via our online store. We offer free international shipping to ensure our luxury scarves can make their way to new homes in every corner of the globe. Now is the time to add a Victoria Ragna scarf to your wardrobe. It’s an affordable investment you’ll never regret.

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