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Cashmere Wool Scarf

A cashmere wool scarf is one of the most luxurious clothing accessories you will ever own. These scarves are made of the fibres obtained from cashmere or pashmina goats as well as a few other species of goat. This type of wool is a lot finer, lighter and softer than other types of wool and it is also a lot stronger. The wool is considered three times more insulating than sheep’s wool due to the finer fibres and the ability to tightly weave these fabrics. + Read More

At Victoria Ragna, we sell the best cashmere wool scarves in the UK and beyond. Each of our creations is made from the best quality raw materials that were sourced from reputable suppliers before they were processed by the finest weavers in the world. 

Our UK luxury scarves were dyed and woven in Scotland using the Jacquard technique and are designed with a unique pattern that is inspired by Victoria’s heritage. 

Characteristics of Cashmere Wool

Cashmere wool garments are extremely sought after and are considered a luxury product because the wool is so rare and has so many positive characteristics. 

The product is more rare than other wool types because it comes from goats instead of sheep. Goats don’t grow as much hair or fibre as sheep in a year and, as a result, the harvest is much less for the average goat than the average sheep. 

Here are a few of the top characteristics that make our cashmere scarves such a good investment;

Lightweight - The fabric is remarkably lightweight which makes it perfect for clothing accessories such as scarves.  You can stay nice and warm without your scarf weighing you down.

Very strong - Cashmere is one of the strongest fabrics. If you take good care of your scarf, it can last you a lifetime.

Insulating abilities - Cashmere is tightly woven and naturally absorbs moisture from your skin and exports it outward. This characteristic provides insulation properties, keeping you warm during winter.

Cool during summer - The fabric’s ability to transport moisture and vapour helps keep you dry during hot summers, and the lightness of this soft fabric also helps you stay nice and cool.

Beautiful – Our scarves are absolutely beautiful, with each piece being inspired by Victoria’s unique heritage.  Whatever cashmere wool scarf you choose to buy, you can be sure it will be versatile enough to become a major staple in your wardrobe.

Buy Cashmere Wool Scarves Online

At Victoria Ragna, we make it incredibly easy for you to invest in the finest quality luxury wool scarves because you can buy our pieces online from our website. Our cashmere products can be delivered to your doorstep in no time at all and we’d be happy to answer any questions that you have in relation to delivery, sizing and returns etc.  - Read Less