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Designer Cashmere Scarf

Cashmere is a special material and it’s little wonder that it is so universally adored throughout the UK. A cashmere scarf is the perfect gift to give, and it offer the wearer a range of impressive benefits. Choosing whether or not to invest in a cashmere scarf is a tough decision. To help you decide whether a women’s designer cashmere scarf is the right choice for your needs, here is a closer look at what you can expect and why Victoria Ragna might be the best brand for your particular needs. + Read More

Designer Cashmere: True Luxury

Cashmere is a truly luxury item and many people are often aware of its high cost. This is because it can take the undercoats of two goats to make just one two-ply sweater. The process is a complex one that takes a lot of time and effort. These are the two reasons why cashmere is so expensive.

The payoff is clear, though: the wool in a designer cashmere scarf can often be up to eight times warmer when compared to standard sheep’s wool. Cashmere is much lighter, too, making it an elegant option that can accompany women throughout the colder months to keep her warm.

Of course, cashmere looks absolutely beautiful too. It is incredibly soft, and this helps to protect a woman’s skin better than those scarves made from alternative materials. Cashmere is also a symbol of quality, demonstrating that the wearer is passionate about fashion and aesthetics.

Victoria Ragna: Shop Designer Cashmere Scarves With Us

If you have made the decision to invest in a designer cashmere scarf, you will want to ensure that you shop with a trusted brand who can offer you a quality product. Here is a closer look at why you can rest assured that when shopping with Victoria Ragna, you will get the best experience possible while shopping for luxury scarves online.

Quality Designs

Victoria uses her unique heritage to create truly unforgettable designs that will attract attention and intrigue. Victoria comes from Brazil and Norway, and she blends together these two unique cultures to create something entirely new and exciting. Our cashmere shawls are of the highest quality & design.

The Best Materials

You can also rest assured that when we say 100% cashmere, we mean it. All of our designer cashmere scarves are of the highest possible quality and they will last a lifetime. You will get all of the benefits that cashmere brings, and you do not have to worry about poor quality products.

Great Customer Care

Your happiness is what matters to us the most, which is why we work around the clock to ensure that you have an absolutely wonderful experience. We offer clear terms and conditions and it is our pleasure to respond to any questions that you might have about our products or designs.

Wearing Your Designer Cashmere Scarf

Purchasing a designer cashmere scarf is not only a wise investment because of its lasting quality, softness and beauty; its versatility is where its value truly lies. A cashmere scarf can be worn in a number of ways, to dress up or down an outfit, transform a look from day to night and embraced for warmth or simply for style. Some of our favourite ways to wear a cashmere scarf include:

Treat it like a shawl

For large cashmere scarves, spread out the fabric and drape it over both shoulders to wear as a shawl. Throw one end over one of your shoulders to complete the look. This is the perfect way to wrap up warm with incredible elegance.

Let it hang

Often the most simple yet stunning way to wear a designer cashmere scarf is to just let it hang. Drape the scarf around your neck and let both ends of the scarf hang down. Wearing a cashmere scarf in this way is the easiest way to immediately dress up a casual outfit.

Tie to the front

A slightly more sophisticated take on letting a cashmere scarf simply hang is to tie it to the front. Drape the scarf around your neck and let both sides hang down evenly. Then, cross and tie the two ends in the middle, adjusting to ensure one is layered over the other before fluffing a little to perfect the final look.

The loop

Perhaps one of the most popular ways of wearing a ladies cashmere scarf is “the loop”. Drape the scarf unevenly around your neck so that the short end lies at the chest area. Then, loop the longer end twice around your neck before leaving the remaining material to just hang. It’s a cosy and cute look, paired beautifully with a Winter coat or sweater.

The tie

Created a tucked in, comfy look by crafting your designer cashmere scarf into a tie. Drape the scarf around your neck and let it hang, ensuring one side is longer than the other. Bring the longer end behind and over the shorter end to create a loose loop. Then feed the longer end up and into the loop to create a knot. Tighten the knot and push up to form a tie style.

The headscarf

Your cashmere scarf is not just resigned to being worn around the neck. It also makes for a beautiful headscarf, creating an ultra-stylish way to protect your hair from the rain and harsh weather. Drape the scarf over your head and toss one end over your shoulder. Then, toss the other end over your older shoulder and voila – you’ve got a classic Hollywood look.

Wear Your Cashmere Scarf With Pride, With Style

Your luxury cashmere scarf is an investment that you can truly get value from. Be brave and bold, not only experimenting with different styles, patterns and colours but by wearing it in different ways. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, you can style your cashmere scarf for every season, every outfit, every look.

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