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Womens Cashmere Scarf

Few fabrics feel as soft and luxurious as cashmere and silk. Wearing cashmere gives you a sensation of being enveloped in soft luxury and leaves you feeling perfectly spoilt. If you’re looking to add a beautiful womens cashmere scarf that’s exclusively designed to ensure the best quality possible, you’ve come to the right place. Victoria Ragna has designed this collection of women’s cashmere scarves with passion and each print is developed through a very thoughtful creative process, which makes the brand even more special. + Read More

The cashmere in our scarves is dyed and woven in Scotland using a Jacquard technique to ensure the very best quality. Once the weaving process is finished, the fabric is then cut and finished.

Victoria personally designs each collection to bring beauty, style, sophistication and comfort to you in these beautiful scarves so take some time to browse through the different designs.

Sharing a Dream

Women today lead busy, activity filled lifestyles. The modern woman has evolved into a self-empowered, hardworking and determined individual who seeks out her own destiny.

The founder and designer at Victoria Ragna falls into this category and is fulfilling her own dream and destiny by creating exclusive and wonderfully designed cashmere scarves and shawls for women in the UK and beyond.

Each of our collections has been exclusively designed and crafted with style, comfort and individuality in mind. The beautiful luxury scarves are based on rosemalings motifs inspired by Victoria’s Norwegian cultural background and heritage.

Victoria would love to share her collection with you so that you can enjoy the softness and luxuriousness that comes with having a scarf that’s made from 100% cashmere draped around your neck, shoulders or body.

Taking Care of Your Women's Cashmere Scarf

An investment in one of these pieces will last a lifetime if properly cared for. A cashmere wool scarf transcends time and never goes out of fashion. For this reason, purchasing your scarf is a worthwhile wardrobe investment but you need to treat it with care.

The following are some suggestions;

  • Store your new cashmere scarf in a drawer or closet away from direct sunlight
  • Never hang your scarf as it could damage the fibres
  • Make sure it’s untied
  • Keep it away from other accessories such as jewellery and handbags
  • Avoid contact with harsh chemicals and rain
  • Leave cleaning in the hands of a professional

Shop the Best Cashmere Scarf Womens Collection Online

Central to our extensive range of luxury scarves here at Victoria Ragna is our Cashmere collection. It has fast become our most celebrated and in-demand collection, with customers falling in love with the collection’s unique blend of quality and affordability.

A luxury cashmere scarf is a statement piece, the epitome of luxurious accessories and a classic, timeless piece that every female would love to add to their wardrobe. Each of our womens cashmere scarves are woven in the U.K., with love, care and attention poured into every piece. Currently, our Cashmere collection includes a selection of different styles, which are completely unique to the Victoria Ragna brand, with their own individual meanings and back stories.

The Areia

Behind our brand are two cultures – Norwegian and Brazilian – and we’ve created a capsule collection of two scarves – the “Areia” and the “Floresta” to bring key elements of both these cultures to life. The word “Areia” translates to “sand” in Portuguese, the native language of Brazil. We’ve adorned this two-sided scarf with a beautiful blue shade which demonstrates the clear aqua of the Brazilian beach waters while the neutral sand tone depicts the luscious sands of our Brazilian beaches.

The Floresta

The other half of our capsule collection is the “Floresta”, a stunning Winter scarf – and indeed one of our warmest – which beautifully displays shades synonymous with the famous Norwegian forests and landscape. This 100% cashmere piece is a scarf that will liven up your Winter wardrobe for many years to come.

The Blåtimen

“Blåtimen” translates to “blue hour” in Norwegian, which is the phrase used to time between sunset and darkness, where the sky adopts an intriguing deep blue shade. Through an abstract blue-on-blue print, our “Blåtimen” perfectly portrays that moment, with its fringed edges add to the Nordic look and feel of the scarf.

The Høstløv

This is the cashmere scarf you can wear all year round. Designed to reflect the shades synonymous with change in the seasons from Late Summer to early Autumn, it offers a blend of soft beauty and understated luxury. Its soft-rose shade is ever so subtle that it can be worn alongside any colour and any outfit, day or night.

How to Wear a Ladies Cashmere Scarf

A ladies cashmere scarf is one of the most versatile accessory pieces a lady can own. Its incredible ability to dress up or down an outfit, change a look from daytime into evening or accessorize an outfit in both Summer and Winter is one of the reasons why a cashmere scarf is such a wise investment piece.

There are so many ways to experiment with wearing a designer cashmere scarf, with looks and styles to suit every preference. Some of our favourite, and indeed most practical ways to wear a cashmere scarf include:

The shawl

Large cashmere scarves can instantly become a stylish shawl simply by spreading out the fabric and draping it over both of your shoulders. For a simple, elegant twist, drape one of the ends of the scarf over one shoulder. This is ideal for keeping your shoulders warm at a Summer soiree or event or for layering up in Wintertime.

The hang down

This style is very obvious – you simply drape your cashmere scarf around your neck and allow both ends to hang down for an effortless yet luxurious look that can add a touch of class to even the most casual of outfits.

The loop

This is one of our favourite ways to wear a cashmere scarf. It’s ever so simple to style; just drape the scarf unevenly around your neck so that the short end of the scarf lingers around the chest. Take the longer end and wrap twice around your neck before leaving the rest to subtly hang down. Voila, that’s a look!

The tucked-in loop

We love this take on the loop. To style, you simply follow the steps outlined for “The loop” above but instead of leaving material to hang down, you cross the two ends of the scarf and tuck them under the loop. It’s cosy, comfy yet resembles a luxurious Winter look straight off the Paris Fashion Week catwalk!

The headscarf

To truly push the versatility of your high quality cashmere scarf, don’t resign to always just wearing around your neck. Your cashmere scarf can be styled to create a stunning headscarf too, adopting a timeless, luxurious look not too dissimilar from the Audrey Hepburn era. Spread out the scarf so that it is completely open then drape it over your head. Toss one end over one shoulder and the other end over the other shoulder and that’s it. You’ve now got a head-turning head scarf!

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